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Basic Cloak Room for self-assembly

So easy to install that you can do it yourself!


The automatic coat check conveyor with the automatic system for receiving and issuing clothes

For business and home

  • cultural, entertainment, educational and sports institutions
  • medical centres and facilities
  • warehouses, dry cleaners, laundry
  • modern clothing storage solution

Easy to order

Call us or write a message and we will help you to select the best system for your placement

reasonable price

As a manufacturer, we are ready to offer you the most profitable conditions of equipment acquisition

Fast installation

It does not take much time to install an automatic wardrobe system. Our service will install as soon as possible


Full service during the warranty period and after

Why choose

Automated wardrobe system

Our storage systems provide high quality and speed of service both with the participation of service personnel ot with complete automation of the process

How to order

Automated wardrobe system

To order the automated wardrobe system, you can contact us directly. We supply our products to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries of Europe and Asia.

More than 1768

Implemented projects

More than 100


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Automatic Cloak Room GARDEROBOT

Good opportunity to automate and optimize processes in your business. Thanks to automation you would have free space and can reduce personnel. Your business can receive direct benefits from the free space or from the reduction of the operating costs or the funds for salaries.

Automated garment conveyor systems

High-level service

Thanks to the automatic feed, you eliminate errors and speed up the delivery of clothing by 2-4 times.


You save on maintenance staff –

2-3 times fewer employees compared to a traditional wardrobe.

Save the space

You save the space occupied by the wardrobe by 3-5 times in comparison with traditional hangers